Focused on Customer Needs

Ostraco - Ship Supplies warehouse, storage unit, storeroom, ship stores, marine warehouse

State-of-the-Art. A model of design and efficiency.

At Ostraco, we have upgraded our operations to be state-of-the-art.

Our brand new warehouse—with more than 4,000 m² (square meters) of storage capacity—is a model of design and efficiency. With our clear view, multi-level, open space system, we are able to fill every order with our entire team aligned. Your requests are met within any strict criteria required. Years of experience have provided us with insights into warehouse design that translates into effective inventory management, accurate stocking projections, and key product placement. With our loading bays placed inside for optimal operations, orders are consolidated and prepared without delay, ready for immediate dispatch. Our digitized tracking system reduces errors to an effective zero rate and our central facilities near the Port of Piraeus ensures port deliveries are carried out forthwith.

Ostraco is committed to reduced packaging and eco-packaging. Using materials that do not harm the environment —is not just good for all of us, it is a smart business practice that provides savings for everyone.  Therefore, we encourage our suppliers—and customers—to practice the three Rs of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Our eco-friendly every day practices—paperless office, full recycling, reduced packaging materials—are designed to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our green identity.

Efficient energy management systems, inventory management control, strategically designed product placement, and a seamless loading procedure, all part of the design process demonstrate our commitment to place customer service at the heart of its operations.