Focused on Customer Needs

Ostraco General Ship Supplies - Our team

Ready,  Capable, Willing.

The Ostraco team consists of 40 young, energetic employees, willing to upgrade their expertise and always ready to deliver.

Our most important task is not just to supply a ship, it is to make sure that the entire crew is taken care of in the best way possible. We know that having the right tools for the job, the right clothing and gear—from hats to shoes, from valves to ropes—prevents accidents, minimizes costs, and increases performance, productivity and satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on being a team—with one goal—to earn the trust of our customers.

We know that consistent performance, on-time delivery, and a professional delivery of services are key to satisfied customers.

Years of experience shaped our solid values of honesty, responsibility, integrity, and diligence. We understand and promote the concept of value for money. We believe in intuitive learning, in understanding your needs, in solving problems, in anticipating the next steps. We appreciate the value of communication—that customers need to be informed of their order status.

Our number one priority is personalized customer approach.

That is why we are confident that we will meet—and exceed—your expectations.