Focused on Customer Needs


Building Our Future On Environmental Principles

Respect the Environment, Protect New Life.

Eco Packaging

Ostraco is committed to reduced packaging and eco-packaging. We encourage our suppliers—and customers—to practice the three Rs of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Reduced packaging and eco-packaging—using materials that pose no danger to our environment—is not just good for all of us, it is a smart business practice that provides savings for everyone.

Environmentally Friendly Facilities

The new Ostraco warehouse was constructed to meet today’s environmental challenges—from its building materials to its energy management system. Heating and cooling requirements were met following an energy design study that measured location, thermal impact, and day-to-day use, all within the framework of local climate conditions. Smart lighting systems, reduced paper usage, and occupancy habits all play a key part in our everyday operations.


Paperless Philosophy – Think before printing

Ostraco supports saving resources and we make every effort to ensure we do not waste paper. That means making sure we have a good reason to print documents, whether it involves one page or more. Our trees absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) and provide us with oxygen. By printing only when necessary, we save our trees, generate less waste, and promote a greener planet.